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VGZ cooperative believes in sensible care. Care that is better for the patient and that keeps care affordable in the long term. Healthcare in the Netherlands is one of the best in the world, but good healthcare must remain affordable in the future. VGZ cooperative believes that this can be achieved by working together with care providers on Sensible Care (Zinnige Zorg). After all, they know better than anyone what is good for the patient and where costs can be saved. VGZ cooperative believes that the quality of care and cost control can reinforce each other and that the accessibility of care is also maintained in the long term.

Working in multidisciplinary teams

CIMSOLUTIONS has been selected by VGZ as the preferred supplier and supports VGZ in the realization of the online environments for both insured persons and care providers. In multidisciplinary teams, the organization works according to Agile (SAFe) and disciplines wider than IT are involved in the realization of web applications, links and information systems. VGZ works with Customer Mission Teams, which realize immediate added value for the customer across a whole chain of applications and systems. They also work with Component Builder Teams, which realize the standard building blocks used by the Customer Mission Teams.

Jointly responsible for the realization of different systems

Employees of CIMSOLUTIONS are jointly responsible for the realization of the My Environment and Open Environment for submitting declarations. These environments are used for different insurance labels (eg VGZ and Bewuzt). The development environment is based on HTML, Angular and CSS. .NET / C # in an MS Azure Cloud environment. VGZ uses a Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery environment which makes continuous releases possible.

Other innovations that CIMSOLUTIONS has contributed to include the realization of a new authorization system with Logius DigiD Authorization and the implementation of a Privacy by Design solution for exchanging attributes via QR codes.

CIMSOLUTIONS has performed Analysis, Design, Implementation / Development and Test work for VGZ. Our T-Shaped developers have multiple tasks and responsibilities within the MDT teams. Our employees are appreciated by VGZ for their knowledge and expertise, high responsibility and quality of work.