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The rail sector expects a substantial growth of more than 30% in the number of train passengers and freight transport until 2030. To cope with this picture of the future, much more is needed than expanding the current rail infrastructure of the Netherlands with more than 7,000 km of railway tracks, 2,500 crossings, 7,000 track changes, 4,500 km of overhead lines and 400 stations. As the rail manager, ProRail, together with the transport companies, is faced with the enormous challenge of transporting 2 million passengers every day in 2030 in a pleasant and safe way to their destination in addition to capacity expansion in freight transport. To achieve this, innovation is requirement, together with the smarter and better use of the railways. And that requires highly qualified IT specialists!

Specialists in all IT areas

ProRail selected CIMSOLUTIONS in 2018 to again deploy its specialists in all IT areas, including development, management and maintenance of IT applications, systems and infrastructure, testing, information analysis, architecture and project management. CIMSOLUTIONS deploys its IT specialists in general IT domains such as office automation, but also specifically in data science, business intelligence, integration, administrative and business systems and real-time systems.


One of our senior project managers has been deployed at ProRail for the development of SpoorWeb, a smart information and communication platform that ensures that the rail sector is properly informed about disruptions and incidents on the track. Rail maintenance is therefore carried out faster and more efficiently, which drastically reduces the risk of delay for train passengers.