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Referentie Gemeente Den Haag (EN)

Municipality of The Hague

Afbeelding Gemeente Den HaagThe Hague is the capital of the province of South Holland and with more than 530,000 inhabitants the third largest municipality in the Netherlands. The municipal organization consists of around 7500 employees and is divided into 9 services. The municipality of The Hague uses European tender framework agreements for the hiring of temporary IT staff.

Since 2009, CIMSOLUTIONS has been seconding various IT professionals as one of the preferred suppliers to the municipality of The Hague in both the project and management organization. The current IT Hire Framework Agreement started in April 2018. All municipal services use the framework agreement.

CIMSOLUTIONS supports the municipality of The Hague with providing senior and medior IT professionals in roles such as IT / Information Architect, Information analyst / -consultant, Data scientist, IT Project manager, Project / Program manager, Consultant, Service Manager, Functional manager, Technical Application manager, Database administrator, System / Network administrator, Tester and Test coordinator..

Future-proof information systems

In these roles, IT professionals from CIMSOLUTIONS have contributed to making future-proof information systems for citizens and businesses in the areas of housing and construction, traffic and transport, entrepreneurship, sports, nature and the environment, education, leisure and recreation, youth and family and safety. Examples of projects are migrations and implementations of business applications for (parking) permits, applying for subsidies, pupils (transport) and nursery allowance, traveler vaccinations (GGD), sports facilities, absence management, digitization of applications, reference index, low-code platform, municipal tax system and central timetable planning.

Manager Bas Contant from the Municipality of The Hague has worked with CIMSOLUTIONS for many years.

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CIMSOLUTIONS is an experienced and professional IT supplier with good professionals and nice short lines of communication. I always deal with the same contactpersons and that is very pleasant. The hired employees fit well with the municipality and really make a positive contribution from their specialism.

Moynul Hossain, CEO of CIMSOLUTIONS: "We are very proud that we have been able to work for the Municipality of The Hague for so many years in a wide variety of functions and have contributed to IT projects and information systems. The fact that we qualified again in 2018 to be able to continue this cooperation in the coming years makes me very happy and proves our strategic focus on quality and long-term cooperation."