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Metro Cash & Carry serves business clients and bulk users with a broad product assortment via more than 500 Makro and Metro outlets in 28 countries. The group is a global market leader employing 77,000 people world-wide. Metro Cash & Carry Nederland B.V. is part of the German listed METRO Group and carries the Makro and Mediamarkt brands with 17 Makro and 50 Mediamarkt locations in the Netherlands.

CIMSOLUTIONS specialists have worked satisfactorily on various projects for Metro Cash & Carry Netherlands as Information Analyst, Functional and Technical Application Manager, Software Designer, Software Developer and Tester. Projects were implemented in a CDM (Oracle Custom Development Method) manner, whereby software was developed in close contact with end-users:

  • A discount application has been introduced for the implementation of the online channel for the Catering Industry Delivery service. With this new application, the various discounts are automatically synchronized with the new webshop.
  • In a complex application landscape consisting of various integrated customer and cash register systems, a savings program has been introduced for all customers.
  • Application management and extensions have been realized for all components of the Makro Business System (MBS). The system consists of a head office, a branch and an intranet section.
  • Makro provides more than 1.1 million party packages and end-of-year gifts every year. The functional and technical application management of the customized software for party packages is provided. Tax regulations have been frequently amended in recent years, resulting in changes to software.
  • Application management for the financial system PATR (Personnel Administration and Time Registration) and support has been provided with the conversion to SAP HR (Human Resource).
  • Software development for the 'zero-shoot' (nullen-schieten) process in the store, whereby information about empty shelves is collected by scanning shelf cards in order to improve the quality of the stock information and the filling process.
  • Intranet Supplier Scorecard made with KPIs in different disciplines within Metro. Based on this, Service Level agreements with suppliers are monitored and analyzed.
  • Supply Chain Management reporting accessible via internet has been designed and developed.