Testing & Test Management

An end-to-end test that starts with a flawless and successful integration? Test scenario’s that can run back to back without fault, that sounds wonderful! Test automation is arguably the Golden Egg and should make life in the organization more pleasant and efficient. However, the reality is often different. Organizations continuously face changes in ICT; in architecture, infrastructure, the automation of business processes and the role of ICT in the organization and the chains in which they find themselves. Due to many changes and linking various systems, the safeguarding of quality through Testing hasn’t gotten any easier and requires serious attention and expertise. In these times we need a smart way of testing, applying best practices in combination with years of experience in Testing and Test Management.

CIMSOLUTIONS has 24 years of experience in the fields of Testing and Test Management and providing advice and support to its clients in the field of testing, test management and software quality of large and complex (distributed) systems, ESB, SOA and end-to-end systems. We do so by providing our services in the fields of Testing, Test Management, Test Engineering/Test Automation, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, DevOps and performing QA audits, reviews & inspections and Product Risk Analyses (PRA). Furthermore, we conduct research and work on innovation in a variety of testing areas and present and publish our work on these issues (e.g. “Continuous Integration & Delivery with DevOps”, “Testing under Architecture in the Cloud” on TestNet, NoorderTest and in Release Magazine).

Our certified test specialists and advisers are methodologically oriented and have ample knowledge of and experience with testing software, test management, and test automation. Our approach to testing is based on a combination of best practices from the market standards for structured testing: TMap Next, ISTQB, and iSQL (for Agile projects), supplemented by the optimal use of available domain and system knowledge in the application of Exploratory testing to get test results quickly.

As a result, our test specialists are best able to give our client an objective and independent testing advice and to offer the support that is needed to safeguard the quality of the ICT systems. When it comes to testing, one should also think outside the box. This approach ensures that our client’s software and the interaction of it with surrounding systems and infrastructure (the Chain) is tested (end-to-end) in the right way. A customized testing process, keeping in mind the risks that apply to the specific environment of the respective client. This includes the design and provision of the necessary infrastructure, linkages and testing environment, in accordance with OTA(P) principle.

Knowledge and experience of the various domain specific testing types, techniques, and platforms as used by our client, we gain in various domains in the public sector, industry, and the private sector.

To carry out their testing activities, our test specialists use, among others, SoapUI, Selenium, Cucumber, SonarQube, RobotFramework, Jenkins, Corbertura, Fortify (by HP), Junit, Powermock, Easymock, Maven, SVN/GIT (especially pre and post commit hooks) for gated check-in, Webdriver, thucydides/serenity, Jython (test scripts), SCOM (runtime monitoring), Puppet/xldeploy for testing on installations.

The services are either provided on site at the client, or at a CIMSOLUTIONS office close to the client in the Netherlands, or at our offshore location in Bangladesh. The offshore location offers an interesting rate, while the contact person for the client is in the Netherlands or in Bangladesh.

Testing services of offshore location in Bangladesh. CIMSOLUTIONS also offers testing services (e.g. Crowd testing, Mobile testing) that we can perform at our offshore site in Bangladesh. The communication takes place either directly, or is handled by our office in Vianen through a secure VPN connection. Various clients and CIMSOLUTIONS in the Netherlands use these remote testing services, thus taking advantage of the price and time zone coverage: new releases are prepared at the end of the day in the Netherlands, and by the following morning they are tested.