Software Development

Your problems, our solutions
Your business or client continuously asks for the delivery of software with the newest technology. This impacts new software products and existing applications. CIMSOLUTIONS responds to the decreasing ‘time to market’ with Agile/SCRUM and DevOps.

CIMSOLUTIONS’ approach is broader than just the automation issue. We can enter in every phase of a software development process. Our advice is to first map and optimize the business processes, before working on automation. Our IT-specialists then examine the current functionality of your ICT systems and cater to your needs.

Our advice and solutions are objective and solely tailored to your needs. CIMSOLUTIONS does not have ties to suppliers. We give independent advice to solve your problems. We offer various collaboration forms, services, and expertise to come to the best and most effective solution.

Our system designers and developers can transform your applications, both frontend and backend, to modern Microsoft .NET or Java technology. We integrate our software with yours, resulting in flexible, maintainable systems that are in line with the latest technology. Our employees have experience with the modern methodologies Agile/SCRUM and DevOps.

CIMSOLUTIONS currently develops a great number of sizable systems for the public and private sector and industry, among which mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. Our Project Management approach enables us (and you) to manage risks and deliver the agreed upon system on time.

Are you choosing Microsoft technology? Then you are choosing the leading technology platform. After all, Microsoft offers a range of accessible and cost effective technologies. Our certified developers will use these technologies to develop and grow your competitive advantage. Regardless of PC, web or mobile.

Another option is the Java environment (Open Source). This enables users to run applications on most common platforms, such as Windows and Linux. Moreover, this programming language has many opportunities for innovation. Our certified Java specialists will gladly help you to develop new solutions to the innovation and growth of your business.

Future proof software
We continuously train our people and offer high quality solutions to our clients. We build our knowledge through education, modern certifications and through sharing knowledge in Special Interest Groups. CIMSOLUTIONS will make sure that your software meets the demands of the ever-changing market.