Project & Program Management

Knowledge of the field of the project or program is increasingly becoming a strict requirement than a plus. The market is demanding project leaders, project managers, and program managers with substantive knowledge and skills of the field and an organization-wide perspective. The project and program environments are becoming more complex and clients more demanding, with the involvement of multiple stakeholders and operations in a chain. Thus, an important development is the need for project and program management from multiple angles and the ICT professional is also tasked with environmental management and expectation management.

While previously a PRINCE2 certificate was the decisive factor in knowledge and skills, PRINCE2 is now a minimally required tool. As an early adopter, CIMSOLUTIONS has anticipated and responded to these changing demands since its establishment, and uses organization-wide knowledge sharing and continuous internal and external education and training to make sure that our project leaders, project managers, program managers and project support officers possess the right competencies to turn their projects into a success. For example, people management skills and organizational sensitivity have become indispensable assets. Based on the scope of the assignment, such as supporting a tender, custom development, or (infrastructure) implementations or transitions, our professionals have a PRINCE2 Practitioner certificate and a completed IPMA program, supplemented with Agile methodologies, Lean IT, continuous delivery and DevOps. This enables them to operate within the current Governance business standards and standards in the fields of Project and Lifecycle Management, Team Management, Delivery and Engineering.

Furthermore, our project managers regularly share their knowledge in the Special Interest Group Project Management. The participants give each other presentations and organize workshops. External speakers are also regularly invited to share the latest technological knowledge. Our project managers frequently publish and give guest lectures at colleges and universities.

In addition to supplying the right candidates, CIMSOLUTIONS unburdens its clients by fully taking over the Project Implementation and Risk Management. Based on the needs of the environment and the client’s specific situation, we customize the approach and, besides PRINCE2 for project management, offer an Agile method or LEAN or a combination of both for project implementation, noting that the addition of another standard/model for project implementation in the future based on new needs and insights always remains an option. Due to our transparent and phased approach, our clients get immediate insight into the progress and have confidence in the quality of the project results.