Databases & Business Intelligence

The importance of Databases and Business Intelligence is growing. Consider the challenges regarding database transition and migration to the Cloud, Data as a Service, big data, data security, database performance, BI & analytics, etc. As a client, this means there will be change and choices have to be made. Choices that are not self-evident; choices that must hold up in the future. To make the right choices, you will need insight into all technical (im)possibilities; experiential information from similar businesses can lead to very different solutions. The Database and BI professionals of CIMSOLUTIONS have this broad experience and technical know-how; they will lead you to the right choices and solutions.

In recent years, the amount of data has grown tremendously. Availability, consistency, and performance of the database is therefore of great importance. Business Intelligence is, among other things, the basic information you will base decisions on about the future direction of your company.

CIMSOLUTIONS is partner of Oracle and Microsoft and through knowledge sharing we make sure that our specialists remain up-to-date. Examples are Migration to the Cloud, Database Architecture, and Database Security. Furthermore, our specialists share their knowledge in our internally organized Special Interest Group (SIG) Databases & BI.


Our partnership with Oracle and Microsoft exists solely for the purpose of knowledge sharing and learning. We do not sell licenses and are therefore entirely independent, as is our advice and implementation strategy. If another database or BI solution is a better fit for your organization, we will not hesitate to present this to you.

Apart from much knowledge, our database specialists have years of experience with setting up databases, ETL, Data Warehouses, Database Administration and the Business Intelligence reports. They will keep Databases and Business Intelligence in optimal condition for your organization. Whether your data is stored locally or in the Cloud doesn’t matter; in the end you are responsible for the content and consistency. Data security remains an important challenge for storage in the Cloud; the weakest link are the users and how they handle the data. Coaching on that front is one of our services.

Database Migration
Safely migrating data requires a specialized approach. It is not the same as daily maintenance and the right knowledge is often not present in the organization. Examples are moving data to new applications, conversion of structure and size, refining, optimizing, profiling and validation of data. Our specialists will gladly help you with your data migration.

Business Intelligence
Our BI consultants have years of experience in solving issues regarding data management, business intelligence, and analytics. We can support an effective business intelligence solution, or take this off your hands completely. Think of operations such as designing a data warehouse, realizing reports, testing business intelligence, or the correct distribution of information.

Database QuickScan
One of our services is the Database QuickScan: a method, designed by our experts, to thoroughly inspect your databases, providing you with a detailed report and advice in two days. The Database QuickScan gives you a full report with expert advice and recommendations for the improvement of your database, also looking at the proper monitoring and measures to safeguard good performance and consistency. As part of the QuickScan, a Database Specialist visits you for a day and examines your most important databases. During this inspection, all technical and non-technical aspects, such as security, licenses and recovery are examined. The QuickScan is product independent and we can perform the QuickScan on database brands Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.

The professionals of CIMSOLUTIONS do not only have extensive experience, they also have the important certifications, such as Oracle OCA and Oracle OCP, MCTS SQL Server Business Intelligence Development and Maintenance, MCTS SQL Server Database Development, Administering Microsoft SQL Server Databases, etc. … Our professionals frequently share their knowledge in the Special Interest Group (SIG) Databases & BI. Members of the SIG give presentations and organize workshops. External speakers from Oracle and Microsoft also share their latest technical knowledge on a regular basis.

In short: contact us for all your database, cloud, business intelligence, and other problems, and we will provide a fitting solution!