Business- & Information Analysis

CIMSOLUTIONS helps its clients at governmental bodies and in the business and industrial markets to maintain their lead, by solving issues in the business with proven technologies. Our Business Analysts focus on the necessary innovations and improvements that are needed for this. They do so by verifying that the service still meets the quality and expectations and analyzing if the underlying business processes allow this.

For example, the municipalities are required by the central government to work case oriented. Our Business Analysts are studying the impact for employees at various counter services in different municipalities. Based on the results, an implementation plan is set up to realize the case oriented approach.

Next, the information analysts set up the corresponding information architecture in consultation with the client and in line with the IT management structure. They will look at the different kinds of information systems, links, databases and the management processes that are needed for this.

Our Business Analysts work according to the LEAN principle, leading to business processes that are structured as efficiently as possible. On the other hand, the information analysts work in an Agile manner to have the functionality operational quickly.

The Business Analysts and Information Analysts of CIMSOLUTIONS are used in different industries, such as Government, Traffic and Transportation, Financial Services, Aviation, Railway Services, Infrastructure and Environment, Education, Research and Innovation, Energy and Utilities, Municipalities and Provinces.

Best practices in these settings are, among others: Business Process Modelling, TOGAF, DYA, NORA, GEMMA, ROSA, MARIJ, PETRA, Archimate/Archi, Agile/Scrum, DevOps, PRINCE2, UML, User Stories, Requirements Management. Furthermore, our Business Analysts and Information Analysts often share their knowledge in the Special Interest Group Business and Information Analysis. The participants give presentations for each other and organize workshops. External speakers are also regularly invited, to share their knowledge of the latest technologies. Our Business Analysts and Information Analysts frequently publish and give guest lectures at colleges and universities.