Many organizations are about to prepare their IT for the Cloud. Apart from the search for a suitable Cloud stack, much effort is going into the migration of the existing landscape. But what should you pay particular attention to? Through years of experience, the CIMSOLUTIONS Architects have learned how to make the right choices. They recognize the relevant strategic aspects within your organization. Furthermore, they are familiar with the optimal structure of a Cloud system and know how to properly secure the Cloud infrastructure. That is why it is best to make use of our architects. They will help your business make the right choices.

Quick Wins in Architecture and Infrastructure
When you have a limited room for investment, a short payback period is essential. By looking at the ‘Quick Wins’ we will make sure that you, with little to no investments, will realize significant improvements, cost reduction and increased efficiency which will directly benefit your organization. According to the CIMSOLUTIONS Architects, there are no Quick Wins without architecture. Quick Wins are about change, with architecture at the center of this change. Changes are often driven by the market, technology, expiring service agreements or the modernization of an outdated system landscape. Ultimately, we want to recover our investments as soon as possible. Our consultants will get you started by identifying these Quick Wins and altering your architecture in an efficient way or by introducing a new architecture.

The architecture of the future
How do you deal with Software Architecture? Does everything have to be fixed beforehand, or can the architecture change during the development phase? Depending on your environment and the innovative character of the project, there are valid arguments for both approaches. Cooperation between businesses is taking off increasingly within IT. From the drawing board to completion, there is no product that has seen the inside of just one organization. There is a worldwide assembly process going on. This requires extensive information exchange with technological standards based on service oriented architectures, including the cloud. Our architects want to share their years of experience with you, understand your architecture, and design the necessary future architecture with you.

Since 1992, CIMSOLUTIONS has supplied the best architects in the field, highly educated, certified in TOGAF, Archimate and with extensive practical experience. The architects of CIMSOLUTIONS create frameworks in the form of guidelines, standards, or models for information services, process design, and the products and services portfolio. She or he has both a business and ICT background and has years of experience in various roles in order to operate as an enterprise, business, or solution architect.

Our architects follow the guidelines of Enterprise, Business, and Solution Architecture. They have extensive experience with the Government Reference Architecture (NORA) and will make sure that the design principles, models, and agreements for the (re)design of the (electronic) government are safeguarded in your organization. Reference architectures are implemented, such as: GEMMA, PETRA, MARIJ, EAR and end-to-end architecture. Furthermore, our architects share their knowledge frequently through the Special Interest Group Architecture. The group members give presentations and/or organize workshops. Additionally, external speakers are invited regularly to share their latest technical expertise. Our Architects frequently publish and give guest lectures at colleges and universities.