Environmental management and sustainability

Since 2000, CIMSOLUTIONS has had an environmental management system, which meets the criteria of an ISO14001 certified environmental management system.

Our environmental policy focuses on actively reducing the environmental impact in the following areas:

  • By striving for CO2 neutral operations (vehicles/offices)
  • Through the conscious use of energy and resources and by encouraging efficiency measures
  • By actively contributing to environmental awareness (employees/clients)

Based on our policy, yearly goals and actions are set down in three knowledge areas: mobility, saving energy and natural resources, and the social value of provided services.

The sector in which CIMSOLUTIONS operates, service delivery, has identified CO2 as the biggest polluter. To reinforce this component, mobility, CIMSOLUTIONS started working with the CO2 performance ladder in June 2015. This is an extra tool that will help us to realize our savings targets and based on which we will report results on our website.

Furthermore, we gladly make agreements with our clients to reduce the environmental impact. One example is electronic ordering and billing, a platform that CIMSOLUTIONS has readily available for our clients and meets the requirements set by Logius on digital purchasing. We are happy to share this knowledge and know-how with our clients.