Young Professionals

When you just left school or university, you are looking for challenges and possibilities to grow rapidly. But you also have much to learn. Within CIMSOLUTIONS you can rapidly develop yourself, both professionally and personally. CIMSOLUTIONS offers you the career path to get the best out of yourself. Consultancy is innovating. At us, you continue to develop and you get the unique opportunity to gain knowledge and experience within various top organizations.

As our employees continue to develop, also CIMSOLUTIONS will develop. Therefore we offer ICT professionals every opportunity to optimal use and expand knowledge and experience. This also includes certifications. Young Professionals can develop themselves into Java or Microsoft certified engineer, certify latest testing methods, but also can develop the basis for project management.

We greatly value to attitude and mentality. Professionalism you can learn, but motivation, enthusiasm and flexibility are part of your genes. Despite all the zeros and ones, ICT stays people business.

Young professionals feel at home at CIMSOLUTIONS due to the relaxing ambiance. Through involvement of everyone, you can get things done quickly.

So we are in search for candidates with  a college or university graduation and passion for ICT, who want to develop into Top ICT Professionals. As a trainee you firstly join an intensive internal training program, focusing on your needs and ambitions and those of our customers. The training program is targeted towards the project and customer way of working. The focus is on the latest methods and technologies. After the internal training you will be deployed in interesting and challenging projects at our leading customers.

Read our interviews with young professionals to the right. And discover how they think about CIMSOLUTIONS!

Alexandru Pustianu | Software Engineer

Beneficial for my career

Immediately after finishing your bachelor or master degree there is that period of time where you are asking yourself: what now? This is more prominent if you finished a multidisciplinary one. Then, is the time when a consultancy company may become a better option for you as a career starter. I was in the same situation after I finished my master degree at Eindhoven Technical University. I looked specifically for such a company and I was impressed with the profile that CIMSOLUTIONS had. I was impressed with their dedication and somewhat the general close family environment they offered. This, and a very good guidance on way of working in big tech companies, helped me progress rapidly in my career.  The work I carried out at various high-tech clients was both challenging and exciting. Hence, after almost four years working at CIMSOLUTIONS, I can say that I managed to gain a very interesting profile. Even now, at the beginning of my seniority years in software development, I apply the valuable advices I received from my field manager at the beginning of my career. Looking back in retrospective, I think starting at CIMSOLUTIONS was beneficial for my career and I am looking forward with excitement for the new challenges the future will bring.

Benno Tool | System Administrator

Colleagues and personal attention

CIMSOLUTIONS is individual and involved, which I find valuable. Previously I worked at a larger company where I started to lack the challenge. Then, just at the right time, I was approached by a, now CIMSOLUTIONS- colleague. An interview was immediately scheduled and I was positively surprised by the pleasant application phase. Within a day I really knew the organization through three different interviews. This way you get a clear picture of the expectations and possibilities from both sides. What I like is that the organization is not too big and the lines are short. I am not a number and know my colleagues. Thus you will know of each other what everyone is doing. This attention to each other is really important because you do not meet everyone everyday at the workplace. Also at the customer, I really enjoy myself. You know of course that there is always a new project coming up, but that keeps the thrill. This variety is fun and gives you the opportunity to discover new things.

Niels Colijn | Software Engineer

Instantly working on my personal development

After my study Information management, I started on purpose to search for a job in consultancy. I was searching for challenge and opportunities to grow rapidly. During my study there was little room for internships, so I had a strong need to go into practice. CIMSOLUTIONS appealed to me because of the interesting projects. Immediately upon entering effort was made for my personal development. Under good  supervision, I started with relevant training in ICT development. In that way I increase my chances for nice customers. Pretty soon I got my first job at a large county in the Randstad. I learned a lot in a short time by setting up a complete website. Meanwhile, I am already quite a while at another customer, and also here I am enjoying myself. From CIMSOLUTIONS you get good support when you are at the customer. The connection remains very strong. I also regularly meet colleagues at meetings specially organized for knowledge sharing. I see here enough possibilities for the future.