Learn, create and make it work! That's where our team of experienced professionals is standing for. You are part of a committed company with a drive for real quality. You can develop yourself through on-the-job training and structured programs for growth and development. Our employees learn every day and use their knowledge and experience in challenging state-of-the-art and high-tech projects. This all with excellent employment conditions and the opportunity to grow in a dynamic and healthy enterprise. Whether you are a recent graduate, an experienced software engineer, business analyst or project manager, at CIMSOLUTIONS there is always good support and personal attention!

There are frequent meetings specially organized to share knowledge with other employees. You're not a number and know your colleagues. You are and will be personally involved,both at work and during social events. Within CIMSOLUTIONS a collegial, informal and professional working environment dominates. That's why the people work at CIMSOLUTIONS!

And on top of that ... CIMSOLUTIONS is voted TOP Employers Netherlands in 2019! The next distinguishing topics play an important role: A good salary, company car, ample development opportunities, attractive bonuses when additional work, many social events, challenging projects and a variety of assignments.

Career opportunities
CIMSOLUTIONS offers its employees many opportunities for growth. Not only is this important to you, but also to CIMSOLUTIONS and its clients. This is not merely a good opportunity, but it is vital to keep up with the quickly changing IT landscape. Therefore, we strongly value both personal and professional development.

You will be closely supervised by a Field manager, both personally and professionally. Upon employment, your ambitions, growth and development will be registered and monitored, through a Personal Development Plan and a Job Descriptions & Career Growth Path Document . Moreover, we offer challenging assignments, various trainings, workshops, role playing exercises, a personal learning environment, self-studies and development opportunities, whereby we utilize our in-house knowledge as much as possible.

Based on your ambitions, wishes and qualities, we determine your educational direction. So, to a great extent, you can determine your own direction and how you want to develop your potential.

Are you determined to turn your ambition into success? Then we are the right employer for you!