Graduating at CIMSOLUTIONS

Every year, there are many opportunities at CIMSOLUTIONS for HBO (Bachelors) and WO (Masters) students to graduate and learn from professionals. CIMSOLUTIONS offers the perfect opportunity for future career orientation and who knows, you might end up staying with us!

Our graduate projects allow you to put the skills and academic knowledge you acquired during your studies into practice. You will work on a defined project in a professional setting at CIMSOLUTIONS and in a personal learning environment. You are independent in the execution of the project, but we will make sure that you always have the support you need and excellent guidance by one of our experienced professionals.

If you are interested and currently in the final phase of an ICT related HBO/WO (Bachelors/Masters) degree, please send us your resume and a detailed cover letter. Make sure to include information on your ambitions, your degree, and the knowledge you have acquired. We will then see if these match any opportunities in our organization. If this is the case, we will invite you for an interview to find out what we can do for each other.

For more information or questions, please contact Djurre van Gulik or Hans Steenwijk or Jan-Jeroen van Meerveld via