Due to the rapid developments in our market it is essential to enhance the competencies of our employees continuously (both technical and communicative). CIMSOLUTIONS provides both internal and external training programs and certification programs to its professionals.

Knowledge transfer and research on the latest developments is done by means of several well-attended Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Consultant Development Program (CDP), in which each professional is supported by a coach.

The professionals at CIMSOLUTIONS are working under excellent employment conditions, training opportunities and structured programs for growth to more demanding positions. It is the opportunity to grow in a dynamic and healthy Top Employer ICT company. Also for the more experienced professionals the state-of-the-art projects remain challenging. And on top of that also at Top 500 companies!

At CIMSOLUTIONS the working environment is collegial, informal and professional, in which young and old, experienced and less experienced meet each other to exchange knowledge.

Read the interviews with our professionals at the right.And discover how they think about CIMSOLUTIONS! 

Lennert Goedegebuure | Business Consultant | Business Analyst

As a professional, Lennert developed a very nice career within the company. He started at CIMSOLUTIONS as a software developer, gained knowledge about system design and now he is already for some years active as an Information analyst. Challenging assignments for leading companies have been his share during recent years. "I like it to have different assignments’. Fortunately, I’m assigned on average for about two years to a customer, which enables me to understand the company and the people very well. And what you learn at one customer, you can use at the next customer again. Therefore you will learn faster than within a normal company", he says. Working for CIMSOLUTIONS means looking at the possibilities and thinking in solutions. "Quality is an important aspect within CIMSOLUTIONS. What I like is the quality available offered by my colleagues, which enables you to reflect with everyone", Lennert says.

Jan-Willem van Schagen | Information Analyst

Eleven years ago, Jan-Willem van Schagen was a teacher of Informatics at the Hogeschool Utrecht, after which he made the switch to an ICT company. But he kept looking for the ideal job. “I was actively soliciting for jobs and from every search I entered, each time the name of CIMSOLUTIONS emerged. That name was unfamiliar to me and I was therefore initially not interested. Until I thought: let me talk to them". Jan-Willem got a fast reply to his letter and was called for an appointment. A day later he had an interview. "I spoke to the director and that was very pleasant. The next day I received a fine offer. In no time I was assigned to my first customer, Ericsson. "