Training program Software Engineer

What would you say if you could start a job and a paid training program directly after graduating?

CIMSOLUTIONS offers recent graduates with an affinity for ICT a training program Software Engineer of two months.

In these two months, you will be supervised by very experienced ICT specialists and trainers at CIMSOLUTIONS and trained into a fully functional Software Engineer. Upon completion, you will possess all the necessary tools and knowledge of current methods and techniques necessary to start working on one of the challenging and innovative assignment at CIMSOLUTIONS.

Target group
The training program is open to recent graduates with a maximum of 1 year working experience. An HBO (Bachelors) or WO (Masters) degree is required. A degree in the field of computer science is a plus, but graduates from other (technical) programs such as Mathematics, Physics, Electronics or Artificial Intelligence are also encouraged to apply for the training program.

The goal of the training program is to immediately put into practice the newest, widely applied in business, methodologies and techniques in the field of Software Engineering. This takes place in a simulated, but very realistic business and project situation, in which a team develops an information system in an Agile way.

There are three versions of the training program: Java, Microsoft.NET or C++/Linux. Based on your preference, education and background you will be assigned to one of the three programs.

In addition to the programming languages and development environment, among others the following methods will be discussed: Agile SCRUM, RUP, UML, OOAD, Test Driven Development, DevOps, and TMap Next.

The program is divided into sprints. Every sprint starts off with some training in the methods and techniques that are to be applied in that sprint. The program consists of the following components:

  • Drafting a plan of approach
  • Client interview / writing user stories, use cases requirements
  • Drafting test plan
  • Realizing functional design / technical design
  • Implementation
  • Test execution / Test automation
  • Client acceptance

The training program is supervised by an experienced ICT specialist in the field of Software Engineering. Trainings, presentations and workshops are taught by the specialist in the subject in question. You will work according to a project approach based on Personal Software Process, a part of the quality framework CMMi.

After the training program you will be fully equipped to work as a Software Engineer for a client of CIMSOLUTIONS, the top 500 businesses in the Netherlands. In your first assignment you will put the acquired skills, methods and techniques into practice. You will receive a certificate upon completion of the training program.

Of course you want to start right away, but the number of places is limited. Be sure to let us know you are interested as soon possible via or give CIMSOLUTIONS a call at 0347 – 368 100 and ask for the training program.