Mission & Core Values


CIMSOLUTIONS provides high quality professional ICT consulting services and software development solutions in the areas of Business, Administrative and Industrial Automation, based on the needs of and to the optimal benefit of the client, always striving for a succesful and long lasting cooperation. With its view set to the future, CIMSOLUTIONS develops itself continuously by innovating and adapting early to the changing technologies and the market. The goal is to support our clients with the introduction of new concepts, methodologies and technologies. 

In so doing we "Learn, create and make it work" for our clients.



  1. Continuity
    CIMSOLUTIONS safeguards a long lasting cooperation by continuously investing in its clients and employees and by delivering added value through knowledge sharing, education and training. Our strong financial position ensures this continuity.
  2. Quality
    As an ISO 9001:2015 and NEN 4400-1 certified company, we are continuously learning and improving the quality of our service, based on direct and frequent contacts with our clients and our employees. Our outstanding track-record of excellent client satisfaction and employee satisfaction scores prove that this works.
  3. Professionalism
    CIMSOLUTIONS provides high value ICT consuling services and solutions in a highly professional manner to the optimal benefit of the client. All our employees are highly qualified, possess a Bachelors or Masters degree, are guided by high professional ethics and kept up-to-date by continuous training, education, certification, coaching and knowledge sharing.  
  4. Advanced
    Our key focus is to apply state-of-the-art ICT concepts in combination with the latest methodologies and technologies and domain knowledge to the optimal benefit of the client.
  5. Independent
    CIMSOLUTIONS is fully independent of hard- and software suppliers and has neither a preference nor any obligation whatsoever to any supplier. The consulting services and solutions are objective, executed according to high professional ethics and purely tailored to the requirements of the client and not to the product of a specific supplier.
  6. Reliable
    Ever heard of a provider of consuling services that is unreliable and yet excels in quality and professionalism? Our reliability is essential for our continuity.