Application Lifecycle Management

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Application Lifecycle Management (EN)

Application Lifecycle Management

Application management and maintenance without worries. Our broad experience with management and maintenance of applications and information systems for large clients in the public and private sectors, our structured and certified (ISO9001) approach to application management and professional and multidisciplinary application management team, which provides support 24/7, guarantee professional application management.

Our application management team and required support are fully tailored to the needs of the customer. This provides our customers with the desired IT capabilities and needed support in case of incidents or change requests at any given time. The service to be provided is documented in a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and the collaboration recorded in the Dossier Agreements and Procedures (DAP). Change requests are discussed in the Change Advisory Board (CAB), which consists of the customer, functional application management and technical application management. Based on the change request, an impact analysis is carried out to clarity on the business value of the requested change to facilitate informed decision-making and. Through the structuring of application management and maintenance, the Application Lifecycle can be extended, which keeps costs to a minimum.