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Software Development

The rate at which software technology is changing is increasing. From years to just a few weeks. One regularly comes across new frameworks, tools, designs, updates and concepts. One must use these to continue to meet the wishes and demands of the own organisation and that of the client and the applicable standards. The digital transformation around us is flourishing. This requires a thorough approach to software development.

What is the power of "green" code?

Green code is a high-quality code that is not only functional, but also deliberately based on sustainability. Our specialists develop and design software according to the "keep the end in mind" principle. Based on a sound design, the software product is designed by the latest technologies such as Java, .NET, C ++ and Angular. Our specialists work within leading Agile methodologies and have knowledge of various disciplines. This means working within architectural constraints, within quality frameworks, as a T-Shaped developer and within the context of security, Cloud and compliance.

"Working towards a healthier world with green software"

The complexity of contemporary software is related to making good choices. Our specialists take our approach with them to your software product, reducing your CO2 footprint and increasing the quality of your product.

What does our approach bring you?

You are assured of specialists who are focused on your projects and missions. We actively share our experience in this. We work with high-quality certified developers and designers with broad experience in various branches. As a result, we have the solution for your challenges and we combine best practices from other leading projects with your project and mission.

"Our approach is personal"

Our working method is personal in which we use the interaction with your organisation and industry and work together for the best result.

How do we speed up your software development?

We are aware of the continuous change in your situation and share new insights directly such as Coninuous Delivery, Blockchain and Feature Driven Development. Our IT professionals approach issues from different backgrounds and perspectives to create and maintain the best solutions. The software developed by us works on the basis of clear system designs that meet your needs and with the right design patterns, quality attributes and technologies and the correct functional and non-functional requirements and wishes. We head together towards our common goal.

Discover the benefits of our knowledge sharing

Sharing knowledge, experience, coaching and insight is the basis of CIMSOLUTIONS. Because of our independent position in the market, our advice is brand independent and we also share our best practices with you. Our developers and designers organize Special Interest Groups every month with speakers from our entire network. They also contribute to national and regional knowledge networks such as NL-JUG and KIVI. We collaborate intensively with colleges and universities. We immediately apply the latest insights and make them available to you, also via our Special Interest Groups and CIMposia for clients. Our people develop in accordance with our T-Shaped training matrix and thereby combine best practices from multiple disciplines.