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QA & Test

Organisations are constantly confronted with changes in IT and the increasing linking of systems. As a result, safeguarding the quality through testing has not become easier. It requires serious attention, and expertise, a smart way of testing and applying best practices in combination with years of experience in the field of testing and test management.

The employees of CIMSOLUTIONS have many years of experience in the field of testing and test management. They provide daily advice and support to clients in the field of testing, QA and test management of large and complex (distributed) systems. In both business and industry.

Versatile knowledge required

The digital transformation ensures rapid delivery and through Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery the tester contributes to a reliable delivery. Furthermore, the production chain is constantly changing and forces the Test & QA discipline to have knowledge of Java, Microsoft, SAP, C ++, Embedded, Mobile, State of the art Testing tooling, Agile Scrum, SAFe, DevOps, Digital workplace, ESB, Cloud, SOA, Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, Blockchain, IOT, Security and GDPR.

Our certified test specialists and advisers are methodologically oriented and have an extensive knowledge of and experience with testing software, test management and test automation. Our approach to testing is based on a combination of best practices from the market standards for structured testing:  TMap Next, ISTQB, TMMi, and iSQI.

To carry out their testing activities, our test specialists use, among others: SoapUI, Selenium, Cucumber, SonarQube, RobotFramework, Web driver, Jira, Jenkins, Junit, Powermock, Easymock, Maven, SVN, GIT, Subversion, Confluence, Puppet and docker.

A customized test process

The test specialists at CIMSOLUTIONS are best able to give our client an objective and independent testing advice and to offer the support that is needed to safeguard the quality of the ICT systems. When it comes to testing, one should also think outside the box. This approach ensures that our client’s software and the interaction of it with surrounding systems and infrastructure (the Chain) is tested (end-to-end) in the right way. A customized testing process, keeping in mind the risks that apply to the specific environment of the respective client. This includes the design and provision of the necessary infrastructure, linkages and testing environment, in accordance with OTA(P) principle.

In addition, our test specialists conduct research and work on innovation in a variety of testing areas and regularly present and publish about this, including at our own CIMposia for clients and at TestNET, Dutch Test Day and Noorderest.