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Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics professionals of CIMSOLUTIONSAll companies and even individuals collect data. A very large part of it is kept nowadays. All this data, even the data that is not stored, can be used to generate business value.

Data can be used to:

  • Better understand the behavior of (potential) customers: customers can be better served.
  • Provide input for reliable information and knowledge for important decisions.
  • Clarify and provide insight into how a company, parts of a company, business processes or departments perform.
  • Make predictions & forecasts. For example, it is possible to anticipate the stock to be held of a product if it is possible to predict in advance how much will be sold.

To make the right choices, insight is required into all technical (im)possibilities. Data from similar companies can lead to completely different solutions. The Data & Analytics professionals of CIMSOLUTIONS have broad experience and technical know-how; they guide you to the right choices and solutions.

"Make the right decisions based on data"

Suppose you want to know everything about the buying behavior of your customers on your web store. Our specialists not only advise you on the possibilities of Big Data and Analytics solutions; they can also support you and work out the analyses for you. You will therefore gain the most interesting business insights in no time. For us, Big Data is not a buzzword, but a real concept to generate business value. Big Data specialists, data scientists, data analysts: we employ them and they are ready for you.

Process Mining

You need reliable and up-to-date management information within your business processes. Adjust ongoing business processes with process mining? Or improve the performance of less successful processes in a certain area of your business with current management information? No problem for the CIMSOLUTIONS specialists. We offer process analyzes based on current process data, among other things, and can help you to set up process data-based compliance & compliance checks. Much more efficient, more complete and more reliable than partial snapshots during audits.

Business Intelligence

Of course we can also support you with more traditional business intelligence solutions. Our specialists are all certified data modellers who can design a classic data mart, star scheme or data vault for you. This is always based on your  need for information. What are your key performance indicators? What do you want to manage? How exactly does your primary process work? Which data is stored where and when in the process? In addition to a source analysis on quality, completeness, consistency and reliability, our specialists also perform an information analysis on your data. Finally, they analyse your processes and your needs and you know where and when to make adjustments.

Other data services

Our specialists can also advise and support you with various other data-related projects. Examples of successful projects for our clients include: Database migration to Cloud, Database Architecture and Database security.

"Independent advice in data analytics solutions"

CIMSOLUTIONS is a partner of Oracle and Microsoft. Through knowledge sharing, we ensure that our specialists stay up-to-date. We do not sell licenses and are therefore completely independent in our advice and implementation strategy. If another Data Analytics solution fits your organisation better, we will present it to you.

Security is - also with storage in the Cloud - an important challenge. The weakest links are the users and the way they handle the data. Coaching on security is one of our services.

Discover the benefits of our knowledge sharing

Our specialists share all the above-mentioned knowledge, skills and best practices. This is done via our internally organised Special Interest Group (SIG) Data & Analytics. Our program managers, project leaders, information and business analysts and security specialists also frequently follow our SIG Data & Analytics and vice versa, creating cross-fertilization with other specialisms. Our customers are also always welcome at our SIG Data & Analytics and at our own CIMposia for clients.

As you can see, CIMSOLUTIONS is capable of serving you in every area of the Data & Analytics domain and will add business value to your company through good use of data.

Data leads to information, information leads to knowledge and knowledge leads to wisdom.