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Business- and Information Analysis (EN)

Business & Information Analysis

Business & Information Analysis by CIMSOLUTIONSCIMSOLUTIONS helps its clients, in (national) governments and in the business and industrial markets, to stay at the forefront, by solving business challenges with new and proven technologies.

Our Business Analysts focus on the necessary innovations and improvements. They do this by verifying whether the service still meets the quality and expectations and by looking at whether the underlying business processes make this possible. Where the Business Analyst mainly focuses on the analysis of business issues and business processes, the Information Analyst's focus is more on the functional description and realization of the IT solution. The Information Analyst therefore has more technical skills.

Why Business and Information analysts from CIMSOLUTIONS?

Our Business Analysts work according to the LEAN principle, leading to business processes that are structured as efficiently as possible. Our Information Analysts work in an Agile manner to get useful functionality operational in a short time.

"LEAN and Agile"

The Business Analysts and Information Analysts of CIMSOLUTIONS are deployed in various market sectors such as Government, Traffic and Transport, Financial Services, Aviation, Railways, Infrastructure and Environment, Education, Research and Innovation, Energy and Utilities, Municipalities and Provinces.

Best practices

Best practices in these settings are, among others: Business Process Modelling, TOGAF, DYA, NORA, GEMMA, ROSA, MARIJ, PETRA, Archimate/Archi, Agile/Scrum, DevOps, PRINCE2, UML, User Stories, Requirements Management. Furthermore, our Business Analysts and Information Analysts often share their knowledge in the Special Interest Group Business and Information Analysis. The participants give presentations for each other and organize workshops. External speakers are also regularly invited, to share their knowledge of the latest technologies and methodologies. Our Business Analysts and Information Analysts frequently publish and give guest lectures at colleges, universities and at our own CIMposia for clients.

Our projects

The Business and Information Analysts of CIMSOLUTIONS support companies with very different issues. They bite into the challenge, think along and ensure that the new product or service matches your current working method. Below you can read more about a number of projects that CIMSOLUTIONS has carried out.

Case-oriented working

Governments must work in a case-oriented way ("zaakgericht werken"). Our Business Analysts map out the needs and impact of this case-oriented approach for employees of the various counter services at various large municipalities. Our Information Analysts are responsible for translating requirements into realization teams for IT systems.

Introduction of the Environmental Law

Another example is the introduction of the Environmental Law ("Omgevingswet"), in which our Business Analysts develop a new licensing system together with stakeholders from the (national) governments. Our information analysts then, in consultation with the client and the IT management organisation, set up the associated information architecture. In doing so, they look at the different types of information systems, links, data files and the management processes that are required for this in conjunction.

Supervise the introduction of new processes

Within the business market, such as at financial institutions and insurers, our business and information analysts focus on analyzing, realizing and supervising the introduction of new bank insurance and pension processes and their connection to existing processes.