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Architecture (EN)


Software architects from CIMSOLUTIONSWe live in an exciting time in which established patterns no longer hold and are gradually being replaced or even wiped out. There are countless examples: think of vacancy in the city center, our goodbye to fossil fuels or the far-reaching intertwining of the digital world in our real world.

CIMSOLUTIONS architects operate in the front line within their field. They are continuously encouraged to update their expertise with training and certification. As a result, they are able to guide these disruptive issues within the Netherlands and internationally for countless renowned clients in industry, government, banking and retail.

Value of architecture

The spectrum on which CIMSOLUTIONS architects can be deployed is very diverse. Driven by the complex society, architecture is increasingly developing into an exact science. Based on internet technology, it is relatively easy to have access to large amounts of data. But how do you extract useful information from this? Which extensive structures are needed to make this data safe and suitable for consumption? This requires an approach in which technology has become a commodity and mathematical algorithms can be applied to data. That data ultimately has meaning and added value for business operations.

"Architecture is more and more becoming an exact science"

Architects from CIMSOLUTIONS look beyond existing boundaries and have an eye for the long term. Consider, for example, the formulation of a vision and strategic frameworks that help organizations make the right choices at tactical and operational level. Our architects make a valuable contribution within all ranks of the organisation based on Enterprise, Business and Solution (reference) architectures. They conform to Government standards such as the Dutch Government Reference Architecture (NORA) and derived reference architectures such as GEMMA, PETRA, MARIJ and EAR.

Architectural expertise

Architecture provides frameworks and structures on the basis of which information technology can be realized. CIMSOLUTIONS recognizes that many organizations are struggling with the way architecture can be put into practice and deliver added value. The organisation often has a well-maintained architecture policy and an architecture repository. But how should you operationalize such architectural instruments? How can you manage a project properly if you first have to take into account hundreds of architectural principles and requirements?

A unique working method

CIMSOLUTIONS has developed a unique method to help organisations with this. Our architect restructures the architectural frameworks within your organization by means of a short-cycle architecture scan. Semantic techniques such as ontology engineering make it possible to quickly filter for frameworks that are really important for your project. Your projects become effective, comply with "working under architecture" and contribute to a high level of maturity.

"Smart restructuring of your architectural frameworks"

Your organization comes in possession of a language manual and taxonomy description that can be used more widely within business operations and chain integration. Our architect will ensure a successful transfer of the applied methods and techniques to stakeholders in your organization. In this way, architectural expertise is guaranteed on the basis of the most current methods and techniques.

Widely employable architects

An architect must be at home in many markets. CIMSOLUTIONS architects distinguish themselves by being able to serve the entire IT spectrum. From strategic and tactical to an operational level. CIMSOLUTIONS uses the T-Shaped model for this. An architect must have demonstrably up-to-date knowledge of the entire spectrum with specializations in specific components. This makes our architect widely employable. In addition to the substantive expertise, it is important to be able to demonstrate a certain conviction as an architect. CIMSOLUTIONS specifically trains its architects on this. Tact, organizational sensitivity and teamwork cooperation require a transparent professional ethical attitude.

"Strategic, tactical and operational"

In this context, CIMSOLUTIONS has developed special training in the field of personal skills for architects. This training offers a good tool to coach (aspiring) architects and to help them in their field. This training is also available for our customers on request and can be taken at CIMSOLUTIONS on location or customized at the customer.

Discover the benefits of our knowledge sharing

Our senior architects share their knowledge with CIMSOLUTIONS colleagues in the Special Interest Group Architecture. They provide presentations and workshops for specialists within the field and for our customers. A reputable external speaker also regularly contributes. CIMSOLUTIONS architects regularly publish and give guest lectures at colleges, universities and at out own CIMposia for clients.